Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top Prospect Interview: Ty Linton

Interview with top prospect Ty Linton. Linton is highly ranked in both baseball and football. He is committed to The University of North Carolina to play both sports.

Jeff Sullivan :Congrats on signing with North Carolina. What made you choose this school, and what other schools were in the running?

Ty Linton :the atmosphere Carolina brings and the people around it and also the pride people have calling themselves tar heels. UVA,WVU,DUKE,VANDY,WFU.

You are one of the top two sport athletes in the country at this time. Which sport do you prefer, and what do you see yourself playing at the next level?

I see myself playing both and hopefully i have the opportunity at either one

What is the transition like after playing summer ball against the top players in the country, and then playing high school ball in the spring?

well of course the talent in summer ball is at a higher level and theres some outstanding player especially at some of the events i have attended and it has given me a chance to play in front of a lot of the right people.. school my focus is to really finish what i started by ending the year off with a bang and bringing and winning a another state title for my team and surrounding community.

Being highly ranked in both sports, how does this have an effect on your day to day life?

It doesn't both sports are humbling games especially baseball i just try to use that in my day to day life be humble and comfortable with who u are

Last question, what is your favorite team, and do you have a favorite player?

no specific team...player grady seizemore b/c i think i resemble him as a player

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