Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top Prospect Interview: Jared Lakind

Interview with top 2010 draft prospect Jared Lakind. Lakind was an AFLAC All-American this summer.

Jeff Sullivan: Congrats on signing with Arkansas. What made you choose this school, and what other schools were in the running?

Jared Lakind: I chose Arkansas because of multiple reasons. One of course was the baseball program and the competition that Arkansas plays against (SEC). Another reason was the way the coaches treated me while I was there, couldn't have been better. Last but not least was the environment of Fayetteville, everyone was nice and helpful, as if they were part of your family. Some of the other schools I had to decide from were Rice, Texas A&M, and Tulane.

You are one of the top two way players in the country at this time. Which position do you prefer, and what do you see yourself playing at the next level?

This summer was the most fun I have had playing baseball with traveling, level of competition, and interaction with those other high level players. I love to play so I would perfer any position on the field but being left-handed the positions are limited. I've been told that I am able to play the corner positions (1B, rightfield, or leftfield) so I guess where ever the team needs me to play i'm egar to play.

On the hill, what pitches do you throw, and where do they sit?

Well I don't see the mound too much but when I do I throw fastball (4 seam and 2 seam), curveball, change-up. My fastball is getting more consistant around 86- 88 and on those days feeling great I have touched 90- 91. My curveball is 77-79 with late break and change-up is around 81-83

What is the transition like after playing summer ball against the top players in the country, and then playing high school ball in the spring?

The transition from playing that quality of baseball is not much, you still have to do the basics it just might be at a slower pace and living in Houston everyone is good.

Last question, what is your favorite team, and do you have a favorite player?

My favorite team with out a doubt is the New York Yankees because most of my family live in New Jersey so I've grown up watching the pinstripes and disliking those guys with red socks in Boston. My favorite player is a tie between Pete Rose and Mickey Mantle, so I would say Pete Mantle or Mickey Rose is my favorite player. Thankyou for allowing me to do this interview.

Jared Lakind

Cypress Woods HS

Class of 2010

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