Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 DRAFT- TOP 50 PITCHERS 1-25

Only four months away from the draft! This is how the top 25 pitchers look as of now. It will be interesting to see how this list changes throughout those four months. Be sure to keep checking the blog out for more updates.
Questions or comments?

1. Jameson Taillon- RHP, Woodlands (TX)

2. Anthony Ranaudo-RHP, LSU

3. Karsten Whitson-RHP, Chipley HS

4. AJ Cole- RHP, Oviedo HS

5. Drew Pomeranz-LHP, Ole Miss

6. Chris Sale- LHP, FGCU

7. DeAndre Smelter-RHP, Tattnall Academy

8. Stetson Allie-RHP, St. Edward Prep

9. Dylan Covey-RHP Maranatha HS

10. Deck McGuire-RHP, Ga. Tech

11. Jesse Hahn-RHP, VT

12. Brandon Workman-RHP, Texas

13. James Paxton-LHP, Kentucky

14. Kevin Gausman-RHP, Grandview HS

15. Kevin Jacob-RHP,Ga.Tech

16. Alex Wimmers-RHP,Ohio State

17. Brett Eibner-RHP,Arkansas

18. Kyle Blair-RHP, San Diego

19. Justin Grimm-RHP, Georgia

20. Kevin Ziomek-LHP, Amherst HS

21. Chad Bettis-RHP, Texas Tech

22. Kaleb Cowart-RHP, Cook HS

23. AJ Vanegas-RHP, Redwood Christian HS

24. Matt Harvey-RHP,UNC

25. Cameron Bedrosian-RHP, East Coweta HS

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