Friday, November 20, 2009

Top Prospect Q and A: Dylan Covey

Interview with Top Prospect Dylan Covey. Covey is the #6 HS prospect in the nation, according to Baseball America.
Q:First off, congrats on signing with San Diego. What made you choose the school, and what other schools interested you?

Covey: San Diego is probably my favorite city. After going to visit the coaches and the campus I was in awe. I visited USC, which was another one of my top choices along with UCLA, Fullerton, and Long beach St., but I decided that I would have no regrets with committing to USD if another school was to show interest later on.

You are one of the top ranked HS pitchers in the nation. Describe how that feels, and how it has an effect on your day to day life.

Covey: Being ranked so high really doesn't have any effect on my day to day life. Going to a small private school probably has a lot to do with it mainly because it's not a school that is historically known for baseball. It doesn't bother me though, I'd rather not be in the spotlight.

What pitches do you throw? Where do they usually sit?

Covey: I throw a fastball that sits in the low to mid 90's, a curveball that's anywhere from high 70's to mid 80's, a slider that sits mid 80's with bumps to the uppers occasionally. A change up that is a work in progress. I also have a cutter but rarely throw it and don't know how hard I throw it.

If there was one thing to improve on between now and the draft in June, what would that be?

Covey: If I could improve on something right now it would definately be consistancy. Throwing hard and throwing strikes is what separates players in the next level.

Last question. Who is your favorite player and what is your favorite team?

Covey: I have a lot of players I like to watch but I'm not sure who my favorite would be. And of course being a southern californian I'm a dodger fan

Thanks a lot for the time Dylan. Good luck this season

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  1. Dylan is a great kid! He has been a true friend to my son and others. I am so impressed with his character and selfless attitude as a very talented leader for Maranatha High School Baseball. He has also helped build the school into a true baseball power and bring attention to his coaches and teammates. Wherever he plays next year, some coach is going to be very very blessed to have him!! Good luck Dylan, We love you!!