Friday, November 27, 2009

Bryce Harper

So, the big news this draft is phenom Bryce Harper. Harper IS a generational talent, that is for sure. He has received a lot of criticism for his decision to skip the end of his high school career at Las Vegas High School.

To me, Harper is making the right choice. Although history has said that the choice to forgo your high school years is a bad one, I trust in Harper's choice. Fellow catchers Landon Powell, and Robert Stock both made the choice to skip the end of their high school careers, but that was to enroll at a four year college. Both catchers did not fair well in their choice, but Harper's talent is far and away above Powell and Stock.

Harper is what a scout dreams about, plus-plus power from the left side, a cannon from behind the dish, a solid work ethic, and above average speed, for a catcher. Watching him in San Diego was a treat. Harper put balls well over the right field fence at the University of San Diego, where the AFLAC All-Americans practiced. Harper did not fair well in the game in San Diego, but the talent was still there.

Although the money would have still been there for Harper had he entered the 2011 MLB Draft, why not enter a year early, while increasing his leverage, and making him a year younger at the time of the draft. Those two factors, with the addition of Scott Boras will equal out to what should be the largest bonus ever for a high school player. Even if he is not the first player drafted, which he should be, Harper will not get far. Teams like Boston, New York, and many more will not let a talent like Harper slip by them. I see both sides of the arguement, but to me, Harper is making the choice he wants, and who are we to question that?

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